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September 7, 2016 by mennopjsn

It’s great to hear the from folks who participated in EDC in 2012 and plan on it again this year.Here’s what our friend Brian from Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, VA had to say:


“EMU campus ministries and Eastern Mennonite Seminary hosted Election Day communion gatherings in 2012 and found the practice to be helpful in keeping political elections in perspective. Certainly there is value in voting your conscience and participating in selecting government and civic leaders. Much is at stake when we elect the president of the United States of America as well as senators and representatives. Many of us, followers of Jesus included, place a great deal of emphasis on electing governmental leaders and advocating for just policies. We also do well to hold the entire election process in prayer and seek God’s heart and way of impacting our society and nation. Election Day communion is a faith-filled practice of holding ourselves, our communities, our states and our nation in prayer before God in the midst of an often times divisive election dynamic. I value the practice as a humble reminder of who I am, and who we are, in the context of God with us.”

Brian Martin Burkholder
University Campus Pastor
Eastern Mennonite University


We’d love to hear from you all. Why was EDC meaningful for your community? And of course, please let us know if you are participating again this year. 

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