Fantastic skit for your EDC Service!

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October 19, 2016 by mennopjsn

Thanks to our friend KrisAnne at Doylestown Mennonite church for passing along this great skit for an EDC service. Consider incorporating this into your worship plans. A great way to get folks from church involved in the service.


Front & center, there is a table (covered with tablecloth) with the bread at one end and the cup at the other, which will be used later for communion.  2 characters enter from opposite doors at front of sanctuary, carrying many wooden blocks in their hands. They walk toward the table, and each other.

Character 1: Good evening!

Character 2: Hello! I would shake your hand, but my hands are rather full right now.

1: Yes, mine, too…. So… have you been following today’s election results?

2: Of course. This is an important election. So much at stake for our country.

1: Exactly! So much! We need the right judges appointed to the Supreme Court, and we’ve got to keep the economy going in the right direction.

2: And reduce the deficit!

1: Well, yes… but I know who you are probably voting for, and I don’t think your candidate is going to get that done. (places one of the wooden blocks on the table, between the bread and the cup, with some gusto)

2: I know who you are voting for, and they aren’t gonna get it done either. In fact, your candidate is going to throw us into an even worse recession than the last one! (slams another block down on the table, in between the bread and cup)


This is the beginning of a wall they are going to build between the bread and cup. Every time they criticize the other candidate, another block goes onto the wall. It’s built larger and larger until the end of the skit. Extra blocks will be available nearby, as they will probably run out of blocks in their hands.


1: At least my candidate cares about the middle class!

2: My candidate cares about small businesses!

1: Mine is going to make sure we have a strong military to protect us against terrorism and defeat ISIS!

2: Mine is the better diplomat!

1: Mine is better on immigration!

2: Mine is better for women and people of color!

1: Mine is a better PERSON!

2: Ha! …… To be honest, it’s hard to tell who is the better person with all this crazy media coverage. I wonder what’s true and what’s not. But still….. Come on, how could you choose YOUR candidate over mine?? That’s just crazy. Aren’t you a Christian?

1: Aren’t you??? No Christian could ever choose your candidate!


Now the two characters just place more and more blocks on the wall and glare at each other while doing so, almost like trying to out-do each other in building the wall. When they are pretty much hidden from each other, they slowly turn and walk away, exit out the same doors they came in.

unseen person with a microphone: “For Jesus himself is our peace, who has made the two one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility.”


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